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PDPA Notice

By subscribing to the services of and using this online portal as a member, you agree that DirectHome Pte. Ltd. (“DPL”) may collect, use and disclose your personal data, obtained by DPL as a result of your subscription to and our mobile platforms or any similar portals of ours (collectively, referred to as “website”), for the following purposes in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 and our data usage and protection agreement (as set out at our website):

a) the processing of this membership application;
b) the administration of the membership with our organisation;
c) the provision of our online services to you; and,
d) the facilitation of your immoveable property transactions between you as seller/purchaser/landlord/tenant of property with others.

Please visit website for further details on our data protection policy, including how you may access and correct your personal data or withdraw consent to the collection, use or disclosure of your personal data. You are to only proceed with the further usage of our website if you agree to our Data Usage And Protection Agreement.


Privacy Policy


THIS DATA USAGE AND PROTECTION AGREEMENT is entered into between You (“Customer”) and DirectHome Pte. Ltd. (“Supplier”).



(A) The Supplier has agreed to provide certain Services to the Customer.

(B) In connection with the Services, Supplier shall collect, process and generate personal data on behalf of Customer in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.




“Data” any Personal Data (including photographs, videos and multi-media of any form) of which Customer is the data controller and which is processed by Supplier in connection with the provision of the Services and which data is given/disclosed by the Customer to the Supplier for the provision of the Services.

“Data Controller”, “Data Processor”, “Personal Data” and “Processing” as set out in the Data Protection Act.

“Charges” the charges set out in Schedule 1.

“Data Protection Act” the Personal Data Protection Act 2012.

“GST” the Goods and Services Tax, if applicable.

“New data” is defined in clause 6.1.

“Services” the services set out at Schedule 1.

“Subject Access Request” a request made by an individual for information about any of the Data.

“Term” the period during which the Services are provided by the Supplier to the Customer.

“Website” is and our mobile platforms or any similar portals of ours (collectively, referred to as “website”).


2. Personal information collected

2.1 Supplier will collect the following data from the Customer:

2.1.1 Customer’s name, copy of NRIC (front and back), copy of passport or copy of other identification document, copy of ownership document, a username, gender, date of birth, employment details;

2.1.2 Customer’s email address, postal address, address for communication and telephone number;

2.1.3 Customer’s interest regarding the sale and purchase of immovable properties in Singapore;

2.1.4 Customer’s immovable property details that is for rent or sale/purchase;

2.1.5 Customer’s credit card details and expiry date;

2.1.6 Customer’s photographs that have been uploaded by the customer; and,

2.1.7 Customer’s use of the website.

2.2 Although it is not compulsory for Customer to give the Supplier this information, if the Customer does not, then, Supplier may not be able to provide Customer with the full range of Services as set out in Schedule 1 herein.


3. Use of this data

3.1 Supplier will collect your personal data, either directly or indirectly, in order to:

3.1.1 administer Customer’s accounts with Supplier;

3.1.2 process orders or application submitted by Customer;

3.1.3 send Customer information about Supplier’s products and services;

3.1.4 verify Customer’s identity and payments;

3.1.5 carry out marketing analysis and make general improvements to Supplier’s Services;

3.1.6 obtain Customer’s views or comments on the Services provided by the Supplier;

3.1.7 help Supplier plan promotional activity and/or lucky draws and/or contests etc; and,

3.1.8 use it for the Supplier’s purposes of marketing and advertising but not limited thereto in the absolute discretion of the Supplier and the Customer is granting the Supplier the license for the Supplier to use the data as set out herein and for the Supplier to contact the Customer via the telephone number or facsimile number or email or text messages or by mail or by any other means.


4 The services, charges and usage of cookies

4.1 Supplier shall perform the Services in accordance with this Agreement, using reasonable care and skill.

4.2 Customer will make full payment upon the completion of the sale and/or rental transactions of the Services specified in Schedule 1 and which Schedule is part of this Agreement.

4.3 The Customer agrees to pay the requisite GST, if applicable or any other taxes on supplies upfront.

4.4 When Customer visits the Supplier’s website, Supplier may store some information (commonly known as a “cookie”) on Customer’s computer. Cookies are small files of information which use a unique identification tag and are stored on Customer’s device as a result of using the website or other services provide by Supplier to Customer. A number of cookies used by Supplier last only for the duration of Customer’s session and expire when the Customer closes the Customer’s browser. Other cookies are used to remember the Customer when the Customer returns to the Site and will last for longer. A cookie helps the Customer to get the best out of the website and helps Supplier to provide the Customer with a more customized service.

4.5 Many browsers will automatically accept cookies but Customer can amend Customer’s browser settings to prevent that or to notify Customer each time a cookie is set. More information about cookies and how to block cookies across different types of browser is also available at


5 The data

5.1 Pursuant to the Data Protection Act, Customer hereby consents to the Supplier collecting and acting as a Data Processor of the Data. Supplier shall process the Data to the extent necessary for the proper performance of the Services or as instructed in writing by Customer or for the purposes of the purposes of analysis by the Supplier to improve the Services being provided to the Customer and others by the Supplier. Supplier shall not carry out any other processing of the Data nor allow any third party to process the Data other than as set out in this Agreement.

5.2 Supplier may not transfer any of the Data to any country or territory outside of the Republic of Singapore.

5.3 Supplier shall take appropriate technical and organizational measures against:

(a) Unauthorized or unlawful processing of the Data; and,

(b) Accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, the Data. so that, having regard to the state of technological development and the cost of implementing any measures, the measures taken ensure a level of security appropriate to:

(c) The harm that might result from such unauthorized or unlawful processing or accidental loss, destruction or damage in relation to the Data; and,

(d) The nature of the Data to be protected. In particular, Supplier shall:

(e) Employ any specific security measures specified in Schedule 1; and,

(f) Take all reasonable steps to ensure the reliability of any employees who may have access to the Data and Supplier confirms that such employees have been adequately trained in compliance with the Data Protection Act.

5.4 Supplier shall notify the Customer promptly (and in any event within seven working days) if it receives any notice of non-compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act, or a Subject Access Request. Supplier shall co-operate fully and promptly with Customer, and shall provide to Customer all reasonable assistance and copies of and access to Data required by Customer, in dealing with any such notice or Subject Access Request and the Customer shall bear the cost of the Supplier in complying with any such request.

5.5 Customer confirms that it is voluntarily providing the Data to the Supplier and is not being compelled to provide the Data. In the event the Customer should decide to withdraw its consent to the usage of the Customer’s data by the Supplier, then, the Customer shall do so by logging into the website through the personal account that was used and set out the details of the withdrawal of consent by the Customer in writing to the Supplier.


6 Rights in the data

6.1 The Data provided by the Customer and any intellectual property or other rights subsisting in it is and shall remain at all times the property of Customer. Customer shall also be the owner of any new Data collected during the performance of the Services (“New Data”). Supplier shall have a royalty-free non-exclusive license to process the Data (including the New Data) only for the purpose of performing the Services and/or as set out in this Agreement. Supplier shall not process the Data nor allow any third party to process the Data for any other purpose than as set out in this Agreement.

6.2 Customer warrants that it is entitled under the Personal Data Protection Act to permit Supplier to process the Data in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

6.3 Supplier is at liberty to sub-contract the performance of any of its obligations to third parties under this Agreement without the prior written consent of Customer.

6.4 Supplier need not notify the Customer of the identity of any proposed sub-contractor and is not required to provide any written evidence that the proposed sub-contracted is capable of complying with all the obligations of Supplier set out in this Agreement.

6.5 Supplier must enter into a written agreement, a copy of which need not be provided to, nor approved by the Customer before it is entered into, with any sub-contractor on terms governing the processing of personal data which vary from those set out in this Agreement in relation to the provision of Services.

6.6 Any agreement with a sub-contractor must terminate automatically on termination of this Agreement.

6.7 Neither party may assign any of its rights or obligations under this Agreement without the prior written consent of the other party.


7 Term and termination

7.1 This Agreement will commence on the date of acceptance by Customer and will, unless terminated earlier in accordance with this clause 5, continue for the Term.

7.2 Either party may terminate this Agreement if the other materially breaches any of its terms and it is not possible to remedy that breach or it is possible to remedy that breach but the other fails to do so within 30 days of being asked to do so in writing by the party wishing to terminate.

7.3 Either party may terminate this Agreement immediately by notice to the other if:

(a) The other ceases or threatens to cease to carry on business or is deemed to be unable to pay its debts or admits that it is unable to pay its debts as they fall due;

(b) The other gives notice to any of its creditors that it has been suspended or is about to suspend payment of any of its debts or commencing negotiations with one or more of its creditors with a view to rescheduling any of its indebtedness;

(c) A meeting of the other’s creditors is convened or held;

(d) An arrangement or composition with or for the benefit of its creditors (including a voluntary arrangement) is entered into or proposed by or in relation to the other;

(e) A receiver, administrative receiver takes possession of or is appointed over or a mortgagee charge or other encumbrancer takes possession of the whole or any material part of the assets of the other;

(f) Any distress, execution or other process is levied or enforced (and is not discharged within seven days) on any asset of the other;

(g) The other or its directors or any of its creditors or the holder of a qualifying floating charge makes an application to the court for the appointment of an administrator;

(h) A petition is presented (and not discharged within 14 days) or a resolution passed or an order made for the administration or the winding-up, bankruptcy or dissolution of the other or the other being struck off the register of companies; or,

(i) An event analogous to any of the above in any jurisdiction happens in relation to the other.

7.4 The accrued rights and liabilities of either party will not be affected by any termination or expiry of this Agreement.

7.5 Upon termination or expiry of this Agreement for whatever reason, Supplier shall, unless notified otherwise by Customer or required by law, immediately cease all processing of Data and, as requested by Customer, destroy or return to Customer on suitable media all copies of Data held or controlled in whatever form by or on behalf of Supplier (including those held or controlled by any permitted sub-contractor) at the option of the Supplier. However, the Supplier is at liberty to retain the reports and/or analysis that it has made based on the Data or New Data for the Supplier’s continued own use and the Customer consents to the same.

7.6 Any clause that would reasonably be expected to be intended to survive termination or expiry, shall survive the termination or expiry of this Agreement.


8 General

8.1 No term of this Agreement is intended to be enforceable by any person who is not a party to this Agreement.

8.2 All notices and consents relating to these terms and conditions must be in writing. All variation to these terms and conditions must be agreed, set out in writing and accepted either electronically or in writing by the Customer before they take effect.

8.3 This Agreement sets out all the terms that have been agreed between the parties in relation to the subjects covered. Without limiting the liability of either party for fraudulent misrepresentation, no other representations or terms shall apply or form part of this Agreement.

8.4 Where this Agreement refers to any person, this includes reference to legal as well as natural persons and, unless expressly stated otherwise, reference to “including” shall be treated as being by way of example and shall not limit the general applicability of any preceding words.

8.5 In this Agreement reference to any legislation shall be to that legislation as amended, extended or re-enacted from time to time and to any subordinate provision made under that legislation and references to clause numbers or schedules shall be to those in this Agreement.

8.6 Except to the extent that this Agreement expressly provides otherwise, nothing in this Agreement shall create a partnership, joint venture or relationship of agency between the parties or give the rights of a partner to either party.

8.7 If any term or provisions of this Agreement shall, to any extent, be determined by a court of competent jurisdiction to be void, voidable or unenforceable, such void, voidable or unenforceable term or provision shall not affect any other term or provision of this Agreement.

8.8 This Agreement is governed by the applicable laws of the Republic of Singapore and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Singapore in relation to any dispute concerning this Agreement.

The Customer would be deemed to have unconditionally accepted the terms of this Agreement with the benefit of proper legal advice and knowledge upon electronically accepting this Agreement.


Schedule 1


The Services

Property on DIY listing is advertised on the website and other property portals. Personalized support and property reports are provided by the Supplier. Call and messaging systems are within the platform and in the Supplier’s app.


The Charges

DIY Sale listing for HDB, payable upon completion:
All prices 0.50

DIY Sale listing for Private, payable upon completion:
0.38% of transacted value of property

DIY Rent listing for Room and HDB whole unit, payable upon completion:
0.25 month of rent for 1 year lease, 0.50 month of rent for 2 years lease

DIY Rent listing for Private whole unit, payable upon completion:
0.25 month of rent for 1 year lease, 0.38 month of rent for 2 years lease



Supplier agrees that the security of the Customer’s Personal Information is important. Customer agrees and accepts that there are risks involved in dealing with others on the internet and further accepts the said risks and will not hold the Supplier liable in any manner whatsoever should the Customer suffer any loss or damage by reason of the same. When the Customer enters sensitive information (such as credit card numbers etc.) at the website registration or on the order forms, the Supplier encrypts the said information using secure socket layer technology (SSL). The Supplier also encrypts sensitive information such as passwords when entered and while they are stored on the Supplier’s systems.