Browse & Arrange Viewings

Browse through DirectHome unique listings!

DirectHome only allows home owners to post 1 listing per house. There will not be any duplication of listings or houses.

Arrange viewings directly with the home owners of those listings (houses) that meet your requirements via your Messages!

Message them the date and time you would like to go over!

The home owners will reply and confirm the viewing date and time with you via your Messages. Have fun in your home search!

You might want to download DirectHome Viewing List for HDB Buyer. Use this List to note down details of houses you are viewing and narrow down to those homes that you are keen on!

Exchange mobile numbers with the sellers after you have viewed the homes. You can communicate directly with them on your interests.

In shortlisting flats for viewing, please consider:

* Note: A flat lease of less than 60 years may affect the use of CPF savings and taking of an HDB housing loan.  Please read More Information on Your HDB Loan.

You may arrange for a viewing at different times of the day and week to better gauge if the flat is suitable for you. During a viewing, do consider the following:

  • Conditions of the flat, e.g. renovation and upkeep
  • Spalling concrete, cracks or leakages on ceiling or wall
  • Flat orientation, e.g. north, south, east, or west
  • Tenants in the flat
  • Signs of unlicensed moneylending activities
  • If the flat is on a lift-landing floor
  • Any upgrading programmes announced for the flat, and if the upgrading cost has been settled
  • Issues which you may be concerned with, e.g. past incidents which may have happened in the flat, relationship with the neighbours, etc.